Rippuukan Souji

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立風館 ソウジ

Portrayed by Shiono Akihisa (塩野瑛久)

His partner is Zakutor


A 16 years old high school student. Souji wears a school uniform and carries around a pole-like object, presuma. His specialty is wielding blades. He's very off-put by human contact, but since being inspired by King he tries to come out of his shell more often and act with empathy, though due to his lack of social know-how he's not very good at it.


  • His father, Rippuukan Genryuu (Portrayed by Haruta Junichi‎), is a strict, classical swordsman teacher. His dream is for Souji to take over the dojo after him. However, Souji has different ideas about practicing the assassin technique, the Musouken (無双剣 peerless blade). It turns out that Souji actually is practicing his own style of Musouken, the Zangeki Musouken (斬撃無双剣 Slashing Peerless Blade) which is of course being the Slashing Brave (Zangeki no Yuusha). Upon seeing that Souji is taking the lessons to heart, but in his own way, Genryuu becomes less strict and the relationship with his son improves.
  • Souji and Amy seem to share a special relationship with Nobuharu as he is the oldest and they are the youngest.
  • In Brave 43, Souji's mother, Tanba Reiko, appears. In this episode, we learn why Souji's parents got divorced.



Suit actor - Asai Kosuke

The Slashing Brave (Zangeki no Yuusha 斬撃の勇者)

Partner - Zakutor


  • There's a scan that says Souji is 18, but the official site says 16.
  • Souji's parents are played by the actors for DynaBlack and DynaPink. His parents' given names are also based on their Dynaman names. Ryuu/DynaBlack has become Genryuu and Rei/DynaPink has become Reiko.

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