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Project Dream Miracle Messenger

A band that specializes in singing songs for the Ultraman series, and have been active since 1999. They went on a hiatus in 2009, and were replaced by voyager. In 2013, the group returned to activity.


Old Members[edit]


Year Song Comments
1999 Ultraman Nice Ultraman Nice OP Theme Song
2000 Ultraman Neos TYPE 2001 Ultraman Neos OP Theme Song
IN YOUR HEART Ultraman Neos ED Theme Song
UltraSeven TYPE 2001 Ultraman Neos Insert Song
2001 Kodou 〜for TIGA〜 Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant ED Theme Song
Spirit Ultraman Cosmos OP Theme Song
Ultraman Cosmos ~ Kimi ni Dekiru Nanika Ultraman Cosmos ED Theme Song 1
Kokoro no Kizuna Ultraman Cosmos ED Theme Song 2
Touch the Fire Ultraman Cosmos Insert Song
Wadaba Team EYES
Boku-tachi no Energy
Hikari no Densetsu
Christmas for everyone
Never Stop Dream
Can We Live? 〜Te wo Toriatte~
Power of Love
2002 Ultraman Densetsu Shin Seiki Ultraman Densetsu ED Theme Song
Kuusou Shounen Shin Seiki Ultraman Densetsu Insert Song
2003 High Hope Ultraman Cosmos VS Ultraman Justice THE FINAL BATTLE ED Theme Song
Boku-tachi no Hero Ultraman Boy no Uru Koro OP Theme Song
2004 NOA Kiseki wo Sono Te ni Ultraman Noa Magazine Publication Image Song
NOA Nostalgia
Fight the Future ~Ultraman Nexus no Theme~ Ultraman Nexus Image Song
Hikari no Kizuna
2005 Ultraman Max Ultraman Max OP Theme Song
NO LIMITED Ultraman Max Insert Song
TO THE MAX Ultraman Max Image Song
Chance wo Kono Te ni
Kagayakeru Sekai e
Ultra no Kiseki
Kaiju Requiem 2005
Ashita ni Nareba
Ultraman Ondo
2006 Ultraman Mebius Ultraman Mebius OP Theme Song
Run through! ~ Wanbada "CREW GUYS" Ultraman Mebius Insert Song
Radiance ~Ultraman Hikari no Theme~
Chikai wo Kimi ni
Ultra no Kiseki
HEROES! Ultraman Mebius Image Song
Ultra Roku Kyoudai (Remix)
Ultra Ondo 2006
Tsukurou!! Ultraman Cake!!
2007 Eternal Traveler Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle OP Theme Song
2016 Unite ~Kimi to Tsunagaru Tame ni~ Shin Ultraman Retsuden Ep 143-155, and Movie ED Theme Song (with voyager)
Ultraman X Ultraman X the Movie: He's Here! Our Ultraman Insert Song (with voyager)

Project Songs[edit]

Ultraman・Best・Hit Medley!
Shuwatch! ~Ashita e no Bouken~
Ultraman Birth 35th Anniversary Album "Daisuki Ultraman" Ultraman Oldies
Ultraman Taro Oyako Taisou

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