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January 14, 2011
"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

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Kirino & Kuroneko: Happy New Years!

Kirino: Sending you my best, I'm Kosaka Kirino!

Kuroneko: I'm Kuroneko. And you'll have my grudge.

Kirino: Hey, hey, what were you doing over new years?

Kuroneko: I was absorbed in the Maschera books I collected from Winter Comi.

Kirino: Seems Ore no Imouto goods were also on sale at Winter Comi. Did everyone buy some?

Kuroneko: Well, the anime is over. I suppose our goods will be become fewer and fewer as time passes.

Kirino: You're really KY (Kuuki yomu or lit. "read the atmosphere around you!") You always go straight to dark stuff like that! There was a hint of a lot of goods at the end of last year that are about to go on sale. Also, the anime is continuing through the Net to episode 15.

Kuroneko: That's true.

Kirino: Oreimo isn't over yet! It's still going!

Kuroneko: But... do you appear in the Net version of the story?

Kirino: O-of course I do! What do you think this show's name is?

Kuroneko: <Laughs> While the ex-heroine whines, why don't I read a letter?

Kirino: Wait!

Kuroneko: From Kotoshi Koso San Kara Wataru Riyou: I'd like to request a supporting message for all the high school students who are about to take the Sentai College Entrance Exams. What a request.

Kirino: Sentai Tests... Eh?! It's on the 15th and 16th? That's tomorrow! Exams, eh? It's not like it doesn't apply to me either... So let's each do one. You go first.

Kuroneko: Me first? Let's see. It's not just hard work. You know best how much work you've done and how many abilities you've gained. Prepare for the consequences, and just do your best. I'm sure a proper result will come from your actual ability.

Kirino: Well, what can you do if you fail now anyway? Just go to bed early, wake up early. And just do what you usually do. Sorry I can't say any more, but hopefully this will help you.

Kuroneko: It's time.

Kirino: So the radio will continue this year too with no changes. Keep listening.

Kuroneko: Please listen next time too.


Aya: I did it!

Kana: You said it.

They introduce themselves and wish each other a happy new years.

A: Did you eat omochi?

K: I didn't eat much omochi.

A: What did you eat?

K: Kurikinton (sweet potato & sweet chestnut).

A: I like datemaki (sweet rolled omelet).

K: That's good! I want to see Ayachi with one on her head.

A: I bought one datemaki. And I kept nibbling on it many times. That's how much I like it. Egg is good.

K: Ayachi, today... <laughs>

A: What is it?

K: We had fried chicken...

A: It was a meat combo, right? It was delicious

K: Meat really suits you, Ayachi.

A: Really?

K: I want to do this radio while having yakiniku sometime. Like being on scene.

A: I want to go!

K: I know you want to go, if not for the Aniplex work later today. I'm sure we'll go someday. All Ayachi needs to do is ask.

A: During the Oreimo festival. I said I wanted to have meat.

K: Yeah. During the rehearsal night. We all went out to eat meat.

A: That's right. I had shabushabu. Thank you very much. It was delicious.

K: Ayachi, you really can do the most. You had the most songs. And you had to talk a lot. And drama. That's why we had meat when Ayachi asked for it.

A: Thanks! I'm so happy!

K: I had to smile when I had her meat.

A: Yeah, during rehearsal. I was so tired. I was worried about the actual show the next day. That's when we went to have meat. Didn't it seem like the meat was sparkling. It really made me smile.

K: When Aya's there, everyone's like "eat, eat".

A: Yeah. Everyone is like "eat, eat!"

K: When meat is in front of Aya, she starts drooling and goes "Is it okay to eat all this?" That's why if you say it, I'm sure it'll work.

A: I want to eat meat.

K: Just give the producer a kancho. (A prank where you fold your hands up with your index fingers out and try to stick it up someone's butt. A slang way to say enema)

A: Kancho? Kancho?

K: While he's looking at Ayachi's upturned eyes, I'll give him a kancho.

A: So just waste all my hard work! It'll be like "What are you doing, chibi?!" (Chibi = small person)

K: Chibi? Chibi?! You're not that kind of character. Want to tell them our goal of the year? This year, I'm going to be a working adult. I'm graduating from college soon. So this year, I want to evolve. I want to challenge myself to many things this year and evolve. I'll work hard.

A: Oooh! I'll cheer for you.

K: Wait, Ayachi, Ayachi, Ayachi.

A: Me?! A goal? Let's see...

K: It doesn't have to be outrageous. Just your goals. Like wanting to do the radio is fine.

A: Let's see. I think it'd be good if I tried a lot of things. I really did a lot last year. But to be honest, I was so busy, I didn't know what I was doing.

K: Man, Ayachi...

A: To be honest... <Pause> It seems like I only have two days off in a month. It felt like I didn't have any days off. I really don't know what I'd do. It's been like that since my debut. I've had a lot of worries. But lately, I've been able to get into a rhythm. So lately, I've really been enjoying my work.

K: That's good!

A: So this year, I want to enjoy my work while trying a lot of different roles.

K: Good. You have a goal.

A: I want to sing more too. Like I do in Oreimo. I really like it. I think my acting has really level upped.

K: Well said. So, about the game.

A: That's right. The game will be on sale soon. It goes on sale January 27th. PSP game. Oreimo Portable. The limited edition version, the Ore no Imouto to Koi Shiyou Box, includes Oreimo Maker EX, Love the Little Sisters Portable. It's like there's a game within a game.

K: I don't really know much about this. But it's amazing to have that as a bonus.

A: It really is amazing. Be sure to get it. It's okay if everyone goes fuhihi. In the game, the characters move around. I thought that was amazing.

K: I haven't seen the game footage yet.

A: You know the Kirino app on the iphone, it's like that. I think. They really move a lot, I thought that was amazing. I think the PSP is amazing.

K: Oh right, there's an iphone app. If you have an iphone, please get that.

A: Please do. So look forward to it. Oreimo Radio start

Otakuko Gather

A: To be honest, a lot of mail came from people whose letters we read before thanking us.

They thank them and explain the show.

A: From Puff puff-san...

K: Oh! I want to puff puff. I want to change my goal to puff puffing Ayachi!

A: Hey! Okay, I'm going to read this. Puff puff: Last time Hanazawa-san talked about puff puff. It's embarrassing to say this about but me, but people think I'm straight A, athletic, serious student council president. But actually, I'm an otaku that likes loli girls.

K: What is that? It's like a manga!

A: Puff puff: I hide it from my friends and family. I know being otaku isn't bad, but I don't have the courage to come out. So I have a request for you two. How can I naturally come out about my hobby?

K: Oh, I see. But she's the student council president. It's not like you have to tell the whole school. Like if you're in the student council room, just talk about it a bit.

A: Or try bringing a few anime goods. Or bring a pen from anime or something loli-ish

K: Loli-ish? That'd be shocking. It'd be like, "Student President, what's wrong?"

A: If that happens, she can say, "Well actually, I like things like this." When I was in high school, I used a Card Captor Sakura shitajiki (desk pad) for elementary, middle, and high school.

K: But Sakura is something normal girls like as well. They'd understand that right?

A: Yeah. But she said she liked loli girls, so I figured she'd like Sakura. Since Sakura is a loli. If you haven't seen it, I recommend Card Captor Sakura. You can have Sakura goods with you and be like, "Eh? Have you ever heard of Sakura?" and try recommending it to your friends that way.

K: Ayachi, are you trying to proselytize Sakura?

A: No. I recommend Oreimo. With Oreimo, Kirino is second year in middle school. She doesn't look like a loli, but agewise she is.

K: Also, Kuroneko's little sisters are so cute.

A: They're cute, they're like, "Oniichan". It makes me understand how Kirino feels. Next. From Jungle moja-san. It's double the jungle! Letter: I recently go married.

Both: Congratulations!

Letter: In middle school I was really focused on game, anime, manga with cute girls in them. I thought I'd be single forever. So being married moves me to tears. My husband is a seiyuu-ota. He really likes Tamura Yukari "Yukarin" [Yukari-san, right?] I really like the characters that Yukarin plays, they're cute. We watch her anime together. Lastly, Yukarin's Meruru-tan is the cutest in the world! [We should give this to Yukari-san.]

K: Yeah! That's nice.

A: That's good. That her husband is an otaku too.

K: It must be fun to share the hobby with someone.

A: Yeah. And they watch anime together. And Merurutan is cute. I hope they were happy.

K: Were? Is it over?

A: I hope they're happy. From Kuroneko suki sugo fujoshi nanika(I like Kuroneko so much that I'm a rotted girl, you got a problem with that?): I've been into voice imitation lately. I recorded it and enjoyed listening to it. Have you two ever did voice mimicry before?

K: Voice mimicry?

A: I don't know about voice mimicry. But I imitate Kana-chan's Kuroneko in a scene. That was hard.

K: I listened to Ayachi's Kirino a lot when I did mine.

A: In the drama CD I also imitate you. In Oreimo, I imitate Kuroneko a lot. I'd listen to Kana-chan's voice a lot.

K: Ayachi, you don't do imitations, do you?

A: Imitations? I can do Usami-chan.

K: I've done that. I'd do Medama Oyaji (eyeball old man) or Kurotsuki.

A: Do it!

K: (In Medama Oyaji's voice) "Hey Kitarou!" (guess this is Kurotsuki? Sorry, never seen Ge ge ge no Kitaro) "Stop doing that in the bathroom!"

A: It's cute!

K: I'd do that when by myself in the bath.

A: That's amazing. So how are you able to do such imitations?

K: I don't know. I don't really have a wide range of imitations.

A: Really? Seiyuu Hanazawa Kana-san. It's like we doubt your imitations, someone call the producer.

K: Oh no.

A: Next From Kiririn-san ga suki desu, demo kuronyan motto suki desu(Basically I like Kuroneko more than Kirino) Why is it all Kuroneko! Although I like Kuroneko too, a lot! Letter at 18:18: It seems like loli is a popular topic, there hasn't been an episode without mentioning it. Taketatsu-san treats Hanazawa-san as a loli, but I think that's wrong. Hanazawa-san isn't a loli, she's defininitely a shouta (boy version of loli). Taketatsu-san is round so the loli fits her, but Hanazawa-san has a sharp feeling, so I think shouta fits her much better.

K: <Laughs> What kind of recommendation is that?! Shouta?

A: I don't know which part of that is more shocking. Shouta? What's shouta?

K: What is shouta?

A: Is it more like a boy? Kana-chan?

K: So does that mean I should be a boy instead? What? What does that mean?

A: Maybe the voice and looks?

K: Oh right, Ayachi is an amaloli (甘ロリ amai = sweet). An amaloli is loli that's real sweet, like a strawberry.

A: A strawberry. With the seeds, and headdress.

K: That'd look good on you.

A: I've never dressed like that.

K: Someone get a head thing. But this seems like the most likely thing I can get you to do. Please, I'm asking you.

A: No, no.

K: I want to see it... everyone does. I'll give them all your home phone number.

A: Really? Wait a moment! Kana-chan should dress as a shouta.

K: What's a shouta dress like?

A: Do it together.

K: Eh? Shouta dress?

A: Next time there's an Oreimo interview, I'll dress as an amaloli.

K: Then Ayachi will dress as an amaloli, and I'll wear a t-shirt and knickerbockers like a savage. But what would that do? People'd be lined up looking forward to a loli. Maybe we can hold hands.

A: Yeah. If the chance comes up.

I don't understand what OO means


K: 2011, who knows what words will be born.

A: You know, I heard Honda-sankakke. I was bragging to my friends that I recently learned that. But they already knew. Personally I've been hearing something recently, lik wktk. (wakuwaku tekateka to be excited for something)

K: Oh, Wktk.

A: Because of wktk. Taketatsu is tktt.

K: Like Taketatsu.

A: Taketatsu is tktt. Hanazawa is hnzw.

K: Eh? I want to write it normally. Eh?

A: tkt2. (2 pronounced tsuu in Japanese). tkt2.

K: It makes you sound like a DJ.

A: Kana-chan should use hnzzw (Is she throwing in an extra z or just stumbling, I can't tell)

K: No! It'd be like "I'm hanazawa"

A: You know how "w" is often used for laughter?

K: I don't want it to feel like people are laughing at me.

A: I see. Kind of a pity.

K: A pity?

23:07 Kana explains the corner

Pen name Kami ni narakatta-san: Satori wo hiraku

A: Eh?

K: Satori wo hiraku

A: Huh? What is that? Buddha?

K: Satori/enlightenment?

A: Shougokuchi.

K: Eh?

A: Shougokuchini. Shougori.

(They derive it from the kanji. See pic for explanation: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/835/satori.jpg/

K: Oh. Shougo no loli. So it's shougo no loli. 24:02 The answer: When you break down satori, it's shougo rori. So Satori wo hiraku means lolicon. So what does hiraku mean? Like becoming aware that you're a lolicon? I can hear that from satori wo hiraku.

A: I'll use it.

K: But... educated people would see it as a mockery.

A: Yeah, I'm sure people would be angry.

24:44 A: From Yukue-san: Pochiru. Example: Kirino's dakimakura (hug pillow) pochitta. (probably past tense of pochiru)

K: What is pochiru?

A: Doesn't that mean pressing a button? So pressing a dakimakura?

K: Maybe it's for boys?

A: Eh?

K: Maybe it's pushing something in with your finger and spilling out the content?

A: But what are you pushing?

K: Hit it.

A: What do you do with a dakimakura? You hug it. I don't know. Maybe it's to buy one?

<Ding ding ding>

A: 25:57 Correct answer: To buy something off Net mail order. When you buy you press a button.

K: So it is pochiru for pushing.

A: I want to pochiritai too. It seems fun. Thank you. Pochiru

K: Here i go. 26:34 From radio name Net yougo sonna muzukashi ja nai (Net lingo isn't that hard): I learned this one recently. Do you know OIC?

A: Oishii? It's not Oishii.

K: OIC? Could it be like kanji?

A: Maybe it's substitute for something else? It is?

K: It's not oishii. Oaisou (courtesy)

A: Ohayo cozaimasu!

K: Wait a moment.

A: IC... ice?

K: Are you good at English. Are you good at English, Ayachi?

A: No way. I'm Japanese.

K: I see. So it's English. OIC.

A: So this is English. Is it like a chicken's cry kutkuku?

K: It's not. It's obviously not!

28:48ish They argue about what sound a chicken makes

<Ding ding ding> Time up

K: The answer: Oh I see!

A: Oh. But I never use that phrase! Sounds like a company phrase.

K: Oh I see!

A: Using it

Life Consultation


Explanation of the corner

30:39 From Tanaka Marx Tori wo mo hirai-san: There are people who confuse me for pasta with calamari. It makes me sad. -Bianca

A: The name of the bride in DQ 5.

K: Ah, the one I got confused.

A: Yeah, she's confused with bianco (pasta with calamari).

K: I see. I remember.

A: And Flora.

K: Who's Flora? She's the blue hair one.

31:37 A: From Ayachi Shin eitai (Ayachi's bodyguard) : A chi chi a chi is it on fire? - Oda Nobunaga Probably referring to the corridor being on fire. (Achi is over there, but how is that a reference to a corridor?)

K: How interesting, but I'm sure that was a panic at the time.

32:11 A: From Kururu-san: Seems I've disappointed you. I'm sorry! - Hiso (arsenic) Recently, a Nasa research group announced that there was an organism that ate deadly arsenic, so everyone thought "Finally, aliens!" So when it wasn't true, a lot of people were disappointed.

K: It seemed like people... were expecting a lot.

A: So about a year ago, it was like "maybe it's alien". But NASA didn't say anything for a long time, so they finally made that recent announcement.

K: What would you do if aliens attacked?

A: Like they're trying to conquer us? Seems likely. How scary. Or like diseases from space. How would you create a vaccine.

K: I don't know. What would we do?

A: So this time it was about arsenic, but a few years ago it seems we received a correspondence.

K: From who?

A: We don't know. It seemed to come from real far away.

K: How scary!

A: Lightyears away.

34:25 A: Last one from Yuunito-san: Please forgive me! - Shishiodoshi (the bamboo that fills with water and then drops to make a noise to scare off deer)

K: I see. Going kabong, kabong all the time nonstop.

A: What's a shishiodoshi.

K: A bamboo that fills with water, then it falls and going kabong.

A: Oh that. Good luck, shishiodoshi.



K: After this, we still have work to do together.

A: Yeah. On the same spot.

K: It's like we're together the whole day.

A: And next week too.

K: Oh right.

A: Well, I'm really happy to sing with Kana-chan.

K: What is that? It's cute!

A: I was happy thinking that we'd be together today so I skipped around.

K: What's that? Episode 12 will air January 28th.

A: The month's half over.

K: How scary. It went by so quickly.

A: Well, this radio started before the anime aired, right? And now, the anime has ended.

K: That's true. It's lasted longer than a quarter of the year.

A: So even though the anime is over, I'm happy that we can continue to be together on the radio like this.

K: Yeah.

A: I'm sure people are cheering for us. So let's get along. Kana-san should say it too.

K: Really? Please do!

A: Listen again.

Notes from Umrain from the forums

So, around 19:30 when Kana is talking about how she wants to see Ayachi as an amaloli, she calls out, "Seigura-san?!". Seigura (short for Seiyuu Grand Prix) is a monthly magazine that features seiyuu photos/interviews/information. This episode was recorded months ago, and I'm sure it's a coincidence, but the cover of the current issue of Seigura happens to feature Taketatsu Ayana in a sort of Amaloli-ish outfit (not strawberries though). (the text above her name says "What if Taketatsu Ayana was your Little Sister...?")

I'm not sure why now, but I wanted more explanation on the Oda Nobunaga joke so I used all my google/wikipedia/etc powers to find the following info:

First of all "A Chi Chi, A Chi, moeterun darou ka?" seems to be a line from Go Hiromi's Japanes cover of Livin' da Vida Loca titled "GOLDFINGER'99". I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s2bzAolQWE#t=50s

As for the Nobunaga connection, it's hard to hear but instead of a burning watchtowers (roukan), she might be referring to the third siege of Nagashima where Nobunaga burned down enemy watchtowers with fire arrows. Oh hey it also looks like he also eventually burned down the whole enemy fortress leaving no survivors. Okay...

On the other hand, I saw the Japanese internet comments on this episode making the connection to the incident at Honno-ji, where Nobunaga, overwhelmed by enemy forces, had one of his men set fire to the temple where he was making his last stand (so no enemy soldiers could claim his head as a trophy) and then commited seppuku. I'm no pro on Japanese history so I'm not sure which of these terrible historical fires this corny joke was intended to be about, but there you go.

On another note, I think the more creepy-ish things Hanazawa Kana says to/about Ayana and other seiyuu the more I like her.