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In all these examples, you can replace the -san with -chan for a more affectionate term.

Using Familial Terms To Address Strangers

If you're about the same age, you can address strangers with brother and sister terms: Oniisan and Oneesan. It's not too different from going "Hey, bro."

If the person you're address is much older, you can call them uncle or aunty: Ojisan or Obasan.

If the person is really old, then you can call them grandfather or grandmother: Ojiisan or Obaasan.

Father Terms

Chichi, Otousan, Tousan. Oyaji.

Mother Terms

Haha, Okaasan, Kaasan. Ofukuro.

Brother Terms

Older: Aniki, Oniisan. Oniichan (affectionate).

Younger: Otouto

Sister Terms

Older: Aneki, Oneesan. Oneechan (affectionate).

Younger: Imouto.









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