Komi Can't Communicate 04

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Komi Can't Communicate
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September 27, 2021 (2021-09-27)

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  • Soyokaze Inn name means "gentle wind".
  • Ase Shibuki means "splash of sweat".
  • Isagi Kiyoko might be from "isagiyoku" which means "bravely, upright". Kiyoi by itself means "purity".
  • Yadano Makeru (矢田野まける) means "hates to lose". In her poster she's biting her thumb out of frustration.
  • Satou Amami (佐藤甘美) means "sugar sweet taste".
  • The other two candidate names are 幸保律 (Sachi Houritsu?) and 産場理央 (Samba Rio?).
  • During the word game, Katai contributes lofty idioms.
    • Uma no mimi ni nenbutsu (about as useful as preaching to a horse).
    • 1. Mt. Fuji 2. Hawk 3. Eggplant (It's lucky if your first dream of the year includes these three items.)
    • Koketsu irazunba koji wo erazu (nothing ventured, nothing gained).
    • Kyuushi ni isshou wo eru (to have a narrow escape from death).
    • Ishindenshin (a mental connection)
    • Ikudouon (a united voice).


Komi Can't Communicate 04 Transcript