Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 27

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Episode 27
Unrivaled Fist
Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger episode
Writer Yamaoka Junpei
Director Kashiwagi Hiroki
Action Director Fukuzawa Hirofumi
Original air date September 22, 2019 (2019-09-22)
Viewership 1.9%
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Fan Rating 3.22 / 5
Episode chronology
← Previous
The Seventh Knight
Next →
Micro Battle
Episode List
Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger
< Ep 26 Unrivaled Fist
Ep 28 >
Aired with Kamen Rider Zero-One 04

Important things that happened[edit]

Attacks and Mecha[edit]

Druidon Tribe[edit]

Dodomeki Minusaur[edit]

Dodomeki Minusaur.jpg

Type: Hybrid Monster
Classification: Scissors Type Dodome Category
Height: 181cm~44.3m
Weight: 277kg~678.6t
Distribution: The shocking ring
EXP: 843

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  • Nada - Osada Seiya ナダ - 長田成哉
  • Sudou Chika - Kawazoe Noa 須藤千佳 - 川添野愛
  • Chibigaroo (Voice) - M・A・O チビガルー - M・A・O
  • Canalo / RyusoulGold - Hyodo Katsumi カナロ / リュウソウゴールド - 兵頭功海

Songs Used[edit]


  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Figure-rise Standard
  • Crayon Shin-chan
  • Curry House CoCoIchibanya
  • Qoo10
  • Glico Kobe Roast Chocolate


  • Pachygaroo is from Pachyrhinosaurus and Kangaroo. Chibigaroo is from Chibi/small.
  • The dodomeki is based on the Dodomeki youkai. It's "depicted as human women who are cursed with having long arms covered with hundreds of bird eyes due to their habit of stealing money." This is apt considering the Minusaur is based on the woman's "want".


Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 27 Transcript