Keibuho Yabe Kenzou Zunou VS Zumou 1

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Episode 1
My Latest Legend 1
わしの最新伝説 その1
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou ~Jinkou Zunou VS Jinkou Zumou~ episode
Writer Fukuda Takurou
Original air date March 7, 2017 (2017-03-07)
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My Latest Legend 2
Episode List
Keibuho Yabe Kenzou ~Jinkou Zunou VS Jinkou Zumou~
My Latest Legend 1
わしの最新伝説 その1
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Kamen Rider References

Trick References

  • 03:55 The Commissioner has a calligraphy from Yamada Satomi, Trick's protagonist Yamada Naoko's mother, in his office.
  • 06:30 UED-A is a reference to Ueda Jirou from the main Trick series.
  • 10:31 The "great physics professor" is obviously referring to Ueda Jirou. The picture of the man with the face cut out is of Ueda Jirou's.
  • 10:35 Ueda's catchphrase どんと来い! (donto koi / Come with a bang!) is printed on the board.
  • 10:36 There is a "Chronological Table of Ueda Jirou's Path of Glory and Bestness":
    • 1965 Birth (0 years old)
    • 1971 Scaled Mount Tengu (6 years old)
    • 1974 Found a puppy (9 years old)
    • 1975 Acknowledged for New Years' calligraphy (10 years old)
    • 1976 Took part in national tournament (11 years old)
    • 1979 Began correspondence\Nkarate course (14 years old)
    • 1980 Won a shouting\Ncompetition (15 years old)
    • 1981 First heartbreak (16 years old)
    • 1983 Developed the walking-assistance machine
    • 1986 Accepted into Japan University of Science and Technology (18 years old)
    • 1987 Scaled Mount Everest (21 years old)
  • 11:03 The hamster names, Yamada Panchi and Yamada Parma, are a reference to Yamada Naoko and her hamster she kept.
    • Panchiparma is a type of curly hairstyle for men.
  • 11:32 The "two-rank demotion" is a reference to the "two-rank promotion" Yabe was seeking in Keibuho Yabe Kenzou 2.
  • 15:00 The preview frame and theme for Trick is played during the preview.

Other References

  • 01:59 G.EYE.JOE might also be a reference to G.I. Joe.
  • 02:03 G.EYE.Joe has a screen showing that it has solved the famous JFK assassination.
  • 03:27 The commissioner holds an inrou with the crest of the Tokugawa clan on it.
  • 09:42 Akiba's new "partner" is Asakawa Nana, a singer-idol.
  • 11:32 Urashima Tarou is the protagonist of a Japanese legend, whose hair turned white after he opened a box that contained his age despite being told not to do so.
  • 15:11 Akakabuto is a "monstrous man-eating bear" from anime/manga series Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Riki.
  • 15:20 Chie says that he saw the Yami no Gyouji (Dark Umpire), but Yabe mishears it as Matoba Kouji, an actor.


  • Akaishi Onsen means Red Stone Springs.
  • Chie tells Yabe that the proprietress likes him because he reminds her of her late husband. But when they look at his photo, he's completely bald, incensing Yabe and causing him to complain that he looks nothing like the guy.
  • Reiinbou is probably a reference to "rainbow".