Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation

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12 Years Ago Hiden Intelligence was taken over by the Humagears. That's not the history that I know. It's about time for this place to fall. If only... I could transform... Henshin If your history's been altered, then a Timejacker must have interfed with it. Let's go back to the day where it all began. Future Aruto Why did you transform, Dad? So I can create a world where Humagears can laugh. If you don't fight, humans will become extinct. I'll stop my dad. You came just as I planned. I'll be taking the powers of every Rider. There will never be a future where humans can see their dreams come true. What's in the past can't be changed, can it? President! But the future is something you can change yourself. My dream is-- Hiden's dream is-- Our dream is-- Can you make my dream come true? A world where humans and Humagears can laugh together... I'll fight to make that dream come true!