Kamen Rider Prime Rogue

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Episode Hyper Battle DVD
Kamen Rider Prime Rogue
てれびくん超バトルDVD 仮面ライダープライムローグ
Kamen Rider Build episode
Writer Muto Shogo
Director Yamaguchi Kyouhei
Original air date September 2018
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Episode List
Kamen Rider Build
< Ep 41 Kamen Rider Prime Rogue
てれびくん超バトルDVD 仮面ライダープライムローグ
Ep 42 >

A Build Hyper Battle DVD.


Kamen Rider Build Forms[edit]


  • Gentoku is seen running down Oomori-zaka, a common Toei filming location.
  • Gentoku is represented by a lot of train sounds in this. Perhaps it's because Rogue was originally a steam-powered villain?


  • In 8:30 "Dorya" is mispelt as "Doyra".