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Episode 02
Despair/Hope (絶望/希望)
Kami no Kiba -JINGA- episode
Writer Shioda Taizo
Director Umetsu Yoshiomi
Action Director Kawana Motoki
Original air date October 19, 2018 (2018-10-19)
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Fan Rating 4.67 / 5
Episode chronology
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Episode 01
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Episode 03
Determination/Ill Intention
Episode List
Kami no Kiba -JINGA-
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Despair Hope

絶望 希望
Determination/Ill Intention >



Horror Faunce[edit]


Guest Stars[edit]



  • Run Girls, Run!'s "Go! Up! Stardom!
  • HAL Tokyo
  • Hoshi no Dragon Quest third anniversary


  • According to Fuusa, it's 10 days after the events of episode 1.
  • After saying the Horror's name, Alva says it's a real nuisance. Zaruba would often say the exact same thing about most Horrors.
  • Jinga gives their father's magatama (a comma-shaped jewel) to Touma. It's the yang side of a yin-yang symbol, being the light side. This continues the theming of this series with the duality between darkness and light.
  • Nishi Rintaro commonly is the voice actor for Horrors in the Garo series. Although no Horror speaks in this episode AFAIK, so maybe this credit was meant for the previous one?