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See: [[Astronauts]]
See: [[Astronauts]]
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[[Category: Kamen Rider Fourze]][[Category: Songs]]

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Giant Step is the theme song for Kamen Rider Fourze and Fourze Elec States, performed by the promotional band Astronauts, consisting of May'n and Shiina Yoshiharu.


Giant Step is an electronic pop song that has May'n and Shiina dueting. The Lyrics are about following dreams and taking risks.

Music Video

The Music Video has May'n (Wearing white) and Yoshinaru {Wearing black) singing the song in monochrome rooms with Fourze trapped in a cage. May'n looks at Fourze with sadness in her eyes and then hands him the Elec switch, which allows him to break out of the cage. May'n and Yoshinaru finish the song with shots of Fourze posing inter-sped with their singing.


Track List For Single Release

1. Giant Step
3. Giant Step - Rock'n Roll States Edit


  • May'n released a solo version of the song on her album HEAT
  • The Astronauts returned to perform COSMIC MIND, theme for Fourze Cosmic States
  • Shiina Yoshiharu also released a solo version of the song on his newest album I & key EN


See: Astronauts