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Episode 03
迷 Dungeon
Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~ episode
Writer Taguchi Kei
Yokoyama Makoto
Director Yokoyama Makoto
Original air date April 20, 2013 (2013-04-20)
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Guest actors

Suou Yukiko

Episode chronology
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Episode 02
Gold wave
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Episode 04
Episode List
Garo ~Yami wo Terasu Mono~
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Important things that happened[edit]

  • Warning, full nudity in this episode.
  • The three knights gets themselves trapped in an underground labyrinth that's controlled by a Horror. How will they get out?
  • Burai notes that the Horror had eaten so many people that it was too big to move from its lair. He is surprised by how terrible the state of things are in Volcity.

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Guest Stars[edit]



  • Suou Yukiko is an AV actress, and she shows everything in this episode. In fact, there's so much nudity that her groin region is smeared out, since that is illegal to show in Japan.
  • Except for the AV actress, all the guests in this episode are relative unknown actors from the same agency, Dolce Star. Some more famous actors who are a part of this agency are Murakami Kohei (KR Kaixa and guest in Garo Makai Senki) and Fujita Ray (Rei/Zero).
  • Yoshiki Risa appears in an alcohol commercial after this episode.

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