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You ask questions, we'll give you answers of some sort.

I'm a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and...

No, we don't have raws of the Toei anime. Those tapes belonged to a member who left. Don't bother us with this.

My video is squished!

Some of the early video encodes had the wrong aspect ratio set. If you're watching it on your computer, you can fix this by fiddling with your aspect ratio. You can also use programs to rewrite the header so that it uses the correct aspect ratio setting.

So about your early Shinkenger and Decade HD encodes

We know there's compatibility issues. There are no current plans to rerelease them, however.

What do SD/HD stand for?

SD = Standard definition, HD = High definition. Basically HD = 720p or 1080p, bigger resolution and file size for more quality.

Why do you release SDs before the HD versions

SDs are smaller and faster to encode. They're smaller and faster to upload. Sorry if the answer isn't very interesting.