Date Akira

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伊達 明

Played by Iwanaga Hiroaki 岩永洋昭

Known as the "Fighting Doctor", the first man to be Kamen Rider Birth.


Date Akira is known as the Fighting Doctor and the first man to be Kamen Rider Birth. He traveled around the world to areas where there was little or no medical support. He sees Eiji leaving a hospital after he failed to save a little girl. At some point, he got shot in the head by the natives and the bullet got lodged in his head. Date managed to survive regardless of the bullet but it could threaten his life at any point. In order to remove the bullet, a risky surgery is required which most surgeons refused to do but some of them will do it for a high price which is 100 million yen. In order to get the 100 million yen, Date accepts a job with the Kougami Foundation to become the first user of Birth.

While being Birth, Date slowly recalls Eiji from the past when he sees a picture of him in Cous Coussier. He also begins to train Gotou in becoming his replacement once he reaches his goal of 100 million yen and the possibility of him dying before reaching his goal. When fighting the Unicorn Yummy, the bullet in his head began to affect him greatly causing him to have intense headaches. Gotou finds out the truth of Date's condition and tries to get him to stop fighting but it doesn't work. Date joins Maki's side in order to get the 100 million yen. In actually, Date was ordered by Kougami to stop Maki from becoming a Greeed. When Date was knocked out by a Greeed assault, this allows Gotou to assume the mantle of being Birth. After the battle, Date uses the danger clause to get 50 million yen while having 50 million yen from as an advance payment from Maki to get 100 million yen for his surgery.

Date leaves Japan to get the surgery but returns to Japan near the end of the series to help out. He uses the Birth Prototype Driver in the last few battles and after the final battle with Maki, he goes back to being a doctor abroad. He briefly returned to Japan to have a visit with his friends before leaving again. Date returns to Japan once again to help out with battling Kamen Rider Poseidon but ends up getting beaten badly and causing the Birth Prototype Driver to be unusable.


Date is more of a people person than Gotou and rather free-spirited. He doesn't like using others to get his own desires and won't do anything that would make him cry. He puts his own survival above others since if he is gone, who would save people. He has a tendency to call Ankh "Anko" due to misreading a kanji in the Birth manual which he doesn't like reading. He also calls every bird Yummy a chicken. In combat, he tends to use wrestling moves and tends to ignore Kamen Rider OOO when fighting to the point that he gets caught up in the crossfire. He is a seasonal gourmet with a love of oden but hates sweets.


  • Date Akira is similar to Ishiguro Eiji from Tomica Hero Rescue Force, a role he previously played. Some of the attachments from Birth are similar to some of the Rescue Vehicles used like Drill, Crane, and Shovel Arms. Also in combat, Date tends to do friendly fire with OOO which is similar to Ishiguro Eiji does when he's R5.