Daimon Rinko

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Played by Takayama Yuuko (高山侑子).

A female rookie detective in Kamen Rider Wizard.

TV-Asahi Summary[edit]

A new female cop at the police department.

Meets Haruto when she gets caught in a demon incident.

Since the police department disregards the demon incidents, she works independently to help Haruto.

She's an efficient Edo girl type.


Daimon Rinko is a rookie detective at Toriizaka. As a child, she was inspired by her father's actions as a cop that she wanted to be one as well. She managed to get to the rank of detective and her first case involved a group of Ghuls attacking some factory workers. After seeing Haruto defeating the Ghuls, she tracks him down and detains him to get more information about the Phantoms. Soon afterwords, Rinko is told by the chief of police to stop investigating the Phantoms. She runs off and eventually her partner, Amino finds her and asks her why she became a cop. She shows him a picture of her father in a pendent which at that moment, Amino reveals that he's a Phantom and takes it from her. He breaks the pendent so she gives into despair and starts becoming a Phantom. After Wizard defeats Phantom Mintarous, he gets her to wear an Engage Ring so he could enter her Underworld and stop the process. He succeeds and leaves her on a bench which she is no longer a Gate.

Rinko eventually got permission from Department 0 to investigate Phantoms on her own. She begins to investigate Phoenix after he beats up some drunks on a stormy night and discovers he used to be a flower shop employee whose personality was way different from what she saw that night from him. Rinko goes to his former apartment and confronts Phoenix suddenly. He tells her that he's a Phantom and tells her about Beezlebub's slugs. She initially doubts him but decides to see if his information was true. After eliminating the slugs, she returns to Phoenix's place and tries to get him to fight the other Phantoms. Rinko thought Phoenix was trying to hold on his humanity but actually her words made Phoenix resolute into going against Wiseman's agenda and just want to rampage regardless if he kills Gates or not. Phoenix hurts Rinko very severely and almost killed her but Sora saved her from that fate. She was used as bait to bring Haruto to Phoenix so he could fight him.


Rinko wants to protect people which what her father did as a cop. She is willing to bend the rules if she could help people.