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A Net idol group. A member of Beautiful Group


Members were successful in the "Try Dancing" category on the Japanese video sharing site Niconico Douga.

December 29, 2009 Released their first DVD.


First Stage Members

  • Itokutora いとくとら (Ikura いくら) Aug. 28, 1989
Leader when DANCEROID was formed.
Itokutora might be a stylish way of writing Ikura since "to" in Japanese means "and". So written out, Itokutora can be "I and ku and ra"
  • Aikawa Kozue 愛川こずえ Oct. 25, 1991

Second Stage Members

  • Mamu まぁむ Dec. 9, 1989
  • Yuzuki 柚姫 July 18, 1991


  • Minka Rii ミンカ・リー November 11
First stage member
  • COCO Feb. 14
Second stage member


  • Aikawa Kozue was Mita Kozukozu, a regular on Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger. She'd worked at Cafe Secret Base as a maid. She would wear costumes from past Sentai heroines.
    • Itokutora guest starred in a couple of episodes as fellow maid Ikura.

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