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Based on a manga and light novel series by Ishida Ira 石田衣良. A movie was also made around the same time.

The drama had 11 episodes and a making-of as the 12th episode. It started airing June 19, 2006. The DVD release version had a more complete cut than the aired version.


A small group of otaku who are a part of the same online help site decide to get together and do something amazing.


  • Page ページ - Kazama Shunsuke
  • Box ボックス - Ikuta Touma 生田斗真
  • Taiko タイコ - Hoshino Gen 星野源
  • Akira アキラ - Kosaka Yuka 小阪 由佳
  • Izumu イズム - Matsushima Hatsune 松嶋初音
  • Darumaダルマ - Himura Yuuki 日村 勇紀 (Bananaman)
  • Yui ユイ - Honjou Manami 本上まなみ

Digital Capital


遠阪 Hacker - Matsuda Satoshi