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Episode 12
Delusion Apostle
Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2 episode
Writer Arakawa Naruhisa
Director Tasaki Ryuuta
Original air date June 22, 2013 (2013-06-22)
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Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger 2
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Giant Golden Munyu Slash


With Chou AkibaRed as a giant, he gets a boost from Yellow who shouts AkibaReceive アキバレシーブ and Blue's AkibaToss アキバトス. He turns golden like a mecha in hyper mode, and slashes.


Unofficial Giant Prism Ace[edit]


Voiced by Furuya Toru





  • The shitou/apostle in the title is the same kanji used to describe the Angels from Evangelion. Those monsters were also giants, requiring the Eva mecha to fight them.
  • When Hatte Saburo is appears, the digits of Luna's hands are counted up to 8, with the 8th one using kanji 八. That's because that's the first kanji in Hatte's name 八手三郎.
  • In the preview, it says the last episode will air at a different time.
  • The poster in the new cafe says Zukyu Majo Aoi which is probably a reference to Ojamajo Doremi which also aired on Sunday mornings.
  • Luna says she's the JK character. JK is an abbreviation for JoshiKousei/high school girl. However, because of Luna's actress age, she is actually a JC or JoshiChuugakusei/middle school girl.
  • When talking about the Versus, pictures from the Space Sheriff parody from the first series appears. Gabian, Shainaa, Sharian are all there.
  • Prism uses 10,000 lightyears as a unit of time, but lightyears are actually a measure of distance.
  • When giant AkibaRed becomes more powerful, he turns golden, similar to the way super robots from the 90s did.
  • When Malshiina appears in Hatte's room, she's coming out from under the bed in the same way Tsuu Shogun would appear under her and Luna.
  • When Malshiina does her butt attack, Luna starts to say "that's my attack!" Luna did a butt attack previously in the season, and Yuuko even asks her how to do it.

Ultraman References[edit]

  • Prism Ace is obviously a parody of Ultraman (Probably Ultraman Ace in particular). Prism Ace even does the beams from his arms the way Ultraman does.
  • The words in the sky is a reference to the Ultra Signs from Ultraman.
  • Apparently he has a face like Greenman and a mane like Megaloman or Godman.
  • Apparently in the novella Ultraman Imouto, the heroine Jeanne calls herself Zoffy's protegee. Probably where little sister Hakase came from?
  • Chigauyou Show Production チガウヨープロダクション is probably a reference to Chaiyo Production, a Thai company that stole Ultraman's license for a while.

Sentai References[edit]

  • Furuya Toru (Prism Ace) is also the famous voice of AkaRed from the official Sentai Series & Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Area fill 80% refers to the way they introduce new heroes with a shadow over them to give reader's a glimpse but without giving away the whole thing.
  • To restore their powers, they have Hatte approve a Versus series.
  • MagiRanger's Wooza Phone is used by Malshiina. When Malshiina was mind-controlled, her curse was also the same as Wolzard's.
    • Douza Uru Ugaro ドーザ・ウル・ウガロ, Wolzard's spell for turning defeated Hades Beasts into giants. The spell for making himself big was Uuza Uru Ugaro ウーザ・ウル・ウガロ.
  • The right to left rule. The explanation in episode is that the heroes always stand on the right side to defeat the enemy on the left.
  • When they start praying to Prism Ace, they start with the song lyrics from Go! Love Sick which is quickly becoming Luna's theme song.
  • The magazine Kozukozu has looks like a TV-kun or Terebi Magazine, which are children's magazines which often focuses on stuff like Sentai or Kamen Rider and anime. Kozukozu's magazine is called TV Hero and has AkaRed, HurricaneRed, and RyuuRanger on the front. On the back is an ad for a Hurricaneger mecha.

Red's Recommendation[edit]


"For VS... I recommend Fiveman's episode "Gasshin VS Gattai"! Chou AkibaRed!"

Has nothing to do with the Versus series.

Blue's Recommendation[edit]


"Gingaman, right? Then I recommend the idol story with the fuda priest! AkibaBlue!"

Yellow's Off Topic thing[edit]


Um... I've been trying to write a novella lately, but I'm not getting anywhere.. Ah! Yellow!

  • This is the only time she's ever managed to say her colour in the rollcall.

Cosplay in AkibaRangers[edit]

  • Kozukozu wears Chiaki's coat from Shinkenger.

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