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Below is a list of characters that appeared in the Zoids Genesis anime series.


Ruuji Familon[edit]

Voice Actor: Hirata Hiromi (平田宏美)

Zoid: MurasameLiger

Ruuji is a 15 years old boy that has never considered leaving Miroodo village before. When he was young, he was bullied quite a bit as he was the only one in his family who cannot activate a Zoid. Since he is raised by the sea, he is very good at swimming and is able to hold his breath underwater for a long time. He was the one who discovered MurasameLiger buried in the seafloor near the village’s shoreline. The day the villagers surfaced the Zoid, BioRaptors attacked the village. Through a series of chance and coincidences, Ruuji fell into MurasameLiger’s cockpit and activated the first Zoid of his life.

Since it was his first Zoid, he had no experience in piloting and had a hard time fighting the BioRaptors. Luckily, Ra Kan and Re Mii were passing nearby and helped him in his defense of the village. It was here that Ruuji met Zairin, a Major in Digald’s army and a genius Zoid pilot. With no previous pilot training, Ruuji piloted in an unpredictable way, enabling him to gain the upper hand and cut off Zairin’s Bio MegaRaptor’s arm, starting the long rivalry between the two.

The village’s Generator was damaged in the battle. Without the Generator, the village’s surrounding agriculture will slowly decay. So Ruuji left the village for the first time in his life and travelled with Ra Kan and Mii in search of a mechanic to repair the Generator.

He visits a lot of cities and villages during his journey, and witnesses the brutal way of Digald’s conquest. It will make him rethink his path, about what he needs to do right now, and about which is the more important – finding a mechanic or fighting Digald’s oppression.

Ra Kan[edit]

Voice Actor: Matsuyama Takashi (松山鷹志)

Zoid: SwordWolf

Ra Kan was the Feudal Lord of Kida-han (Kida fiefdom). The fiefdom was located to the north, close the Digald’s capital Digu. It was a plentiful fiefdom and contained an army of LanceStag. One day, the Digald’s BioRaptors arrived, demanding the feudal lord to surrender. Instead of fighting, Ra Kan chose to retreat, fleeing the fiefdom with a handful of Kida-han’s officials. A decision he now regrets deeply. As he believes allowing Digald to successfully invade a domain with minimum casualty, gives them the confidence to begin their aggressive conquest across the lands. If Kida-han had put up a strong fight, even if they didn't win, Digald may not be the tyranny it is now.

Ra Kan and his officials fled to Zuuri, where they planned to construct a city and build up enough force to liberate Kida-han. Ra Kan left this task to his chief retainer - Da Jin. He removed himself from the throne, as he felt he was not worthy as a Lord, leaving his people behind in the fiefdom and losing his brother-in-law (Re In) during the escape. Ra Kan planned to journey alone, leaving Re Mii with Ra Jin in Zuuri, but Mii followed him and insist in staying with him.

Ra Kan and Mii travel around the world, collecting intelligence about Digald and information of anti-Digald organizations while evading Digalds’ pursuit, searching for a way to stop Digald’s expansion… until they met Ruuji in Miroodo Village.

Ra Kan and Seijuurou have a mutual understanding and respect with each other, often able to convey messages simply through eye contact or by a nod of the head. Since Ruuji is Seijuurou’s student, Ra Kan will often seek Seijuurou’s approval before assigning tasks to Ruuji.

Re Mii[edit]

Voice Actor: Koyama Kimiko (こやまきみこ)

Zoid: LanceStag

Re Mii is Ra Kan’s niece and the princess of Kidahan. She is the daughter of Ra Kan’s sister (Mii Ren) and brother-in-law (Re In). Mii and her father lived with Ra Kan every since her mother died when Mii was still very young. However, shortly after fleeing Kidahan with Ra Kan and a few Kidahan officials, Digald’s pursuit caught up with them, and Mii’s father was killed in the ensuing battle. The dying Re In asked for Mii’s promise, that she would protect their Lord (Ra Kan) in his place. When Ra Kan left to journey alone, Mii acting on the promise with her father, took her father’s LanceStag and followed Ra Kan. She has been traveling with Ra Kan ever since, working hard to improve her piloting and melee combat skills. She respects Ra Kan a lot, and is willing risk her own life to protect him.

She often finds joy in teasing Ruuji, because despite the fact that Ruuji is older, she knows more about the world and is a better Zoid pilot. She is in charge of cooking for the group, which the group often joke complains about as she only cooks barbeque food.

Kotona Elegance[edit]

Voice Actor: Ito Shizuka (伊藤静)

Zoid: RainbowJerk

Kotona is a person from the Iron’s Rock city, though she has left the city since a child. She has been travelling around in RainbowJerk with only her pet bird Kurukku as company. Kotona is a very skilled melee fighter. She hides a lot of different kinds of weapons on her, including a large ribbon on her dress that can turn into a bow, a sword in her back, earrings that can turn into sharp needles, and so on. She is also very good at infiltration, knowing a lot of secret paths into cities, such as the underwater passage into the Harayaado City. It is said that “Kotona Elegance” is not her real name, and only her family is allow to know her real name. So an outsider will need to become her husband to get the information.

Since her Zoid is the only Zoid that can fly among the protagonists, she is often tasks with scouting or transporting Zoids across difficult terrains.

Thunder Garaga[edit]

Voice Actor: Miyake Kenta (三宅健太)

Zoid: DeadlyKong

Garaga’s village was invaded by Digald while he was away. When he returned, he was shock to discover the BioRaptors loitering around in the village. He fought the BioZoids but lost, barely escaping alive. Hoping the free his village, he started an anti-Digald resistance and recruited comrades with the same goal of defeating Digald. However, Digald discovers and destroys his hideout. He cares for his comrades a lot and grief over their deaths.

Garaga is simple-minded and impulsive, and has a crush on Kotona. He once challenged Ruuji to a duel thinking Ruuji was Kotona’s fiancé. Once his resistance disbands, he and Ron travel along with Ruuji. He treats Ruuji like his little brother.

Ron Mangun[edit]

Voice Actor: Taniyama Kisho (谷山紀章)

Zoid: BamboLian

Ron was the strategist in the Garaga’s resistance force, in charge of planning attacks and defenses. He is invaluable to the force as Garaga was not usually interested in drawing up plans. Once the resistance disbands, the pair travels with Ruuji to search for a Generator mechanic. Being a former traveling merchant, his vast knowledge about the world also proves useful to Ruuji’s group. He once pointed out a special kind of plant that can cure Re Mii’s illness when the group was stuck in the wild.


Voice Actor: Tsuda Kenjiro (津田健次郎)

Zoid: SoulTiger

Seijuurou is a very skillful swordsman. His sword can cut down almost everything, from a falling leaf to a metal door. He hails from the city of Kaguraku, where a Zoid battle tournament is held every year. Seijuurou has won the tournament ten years in a row, earning him the title of World’s Greatest Zoid Pilot. Seijuurou once was the teacher of a boy (Jirou) who also seeks to win the tournament. However, he fatally wounded Jirou during one of the tournament match. After this incident, he left the city and lived a quiet life in the country side. He despite himself and those who seek strength, believing that strength only leads to destruction.

Seijuurou initially refuses when Ruuji asked him to be his teacher, remember the incident involving his previous student. However, he later learns the Ruuji is not just after strength to become the strongest Zoid pilot, but only wishes to protect his village and others from Digald's harm. Seijuurou agrees to train the young pilot.

A man with few words, he rarely communicates directly with the group. He trains Ruuji with action and not words. For example he will suddenly have the SoulTiger jump on top of MurasameLiger, so Ruuji will need to carry the Zoid and practice his balance). He and Ra Kan have a mutual understanding and respect with each other, often able to convey his message simply through eye contact or by a nod of the head.

Digald Bukoku[edit]


Voice Actor: Nakamura Hidetoshi (中村秀利)

Zoid: BioTyranno

Jiin is the adopted son of Digald’s King. He seeks out and assigns soldiers such as Zairin, Georg and Souta as his direct subordinate to help further his own goals. He’s good with politics and carefully manages his relationships with the people around him, including the one with his father. He is the one that designed the machine soldiers piloting the BioZoids.

Zairin de Zaltz[edit]

Voice Actor: Matsumoto Yasunori (松本保典)

Zoid: Bio MegaRaptor, Bio Volcano

Zairin is a genius Zoid pilot, demonstrating excellent Zoid piloting skills even in his early days in the military academy. His talent was quickly recognized by Jiin, who was also training in the academy at the time. Jiin befriended Zairin and invited Zairin to become his subordinate.

After graduation, Zairin was quickly promoted to the rank of Major by General Jinn due to the victories achieved on the battlefields. He was awarded the Bio MegaRatpor and had been assigned his own squad. He needs not to follow orders from anyone other than Jiin. Zairin and Jiin refer to each other as friends outside a formal situation.

Other than being an excellent pilot, he is also an excellent tactic strategist, often able to anticipate the planning and troops movements of the enemies.

During the raid of Miroodo Village, Zairin fought with Ruuji the Zoid novice. Ruuji fought with an inexperience and unpredictable fighting style, combined with a fair amount of luck, managed to cut off the arm of MegaRaptor. It was this battle that started the long rivalry between the two. As the series progress, Ruuji would eventually defeat the MegaRaptor. In the aftermath, Jinn assigned Zairin with a new and more powerful BioZoid model – the Bio Volcano.


Voice Actor: Ishii Kouji (石井康嗣)

Zoid: BioTricera

Major Georg is under the direct command of General Jiin. He is extremely loyal to Digald and does not second guess any command. Being a direct subordinate of the General, he has the power and freedom to re-prioritize any army divisions as he sees fit. A power he often exercises, at one point he even ordered a city’s defense force to join his own troops in pursuing a target, leaving the city virtually undefended.

He will use any means necessary to obliterate anyone that Digald considers as enemies, even go as far as ignoring friendly fire or leaving strongholds defenseless. People or villages that have helped these enemies will also be considered as enemies and be destroyed.


Voice Actor: Hyodo Mako (兵藤まこ)

Zoid: BioPtera

Colonel Feleme is a direct subordinate of the Jiin. Her BioPtera is the first flying BioZoid ever developed even after years of conquests. She does not care for the goals of Digald and only have interest in things that excite her. She is tasked with looking after Souta and oversees the test deployment of BioKentro. She spends most of her free time in a bath.


Voice Actor: Fukamizu Yumi (深水由美)

Zoid: BioKentro

Souta is a young boy that did not go through training in the military academy like most officers and is not assigned a rank. Jiin places him under his direct command due to his special ability of being able to activate and pilot any Zoids he come across. Due to his special status, he considers himself superior to even other high ranking officers in the army. He does not listen to anyone other than Jiin and Feleme, and sees Feleme as his big sister. His arrogance would lead to his defeat by and capture by Ra Kan's forces. He loses his memories because of his injuries, but gains a gentle personality. He become friends with Re Mii. This friendship would cause Ruuji to rethink their position against Digald's personnel, eventually leading to his cooperation with defected Digald soldiers.