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Organize Libib

To Do List[edit]

Feel free to add to my list

Don't forget[edit]


I checked the Mook books I mentioned. The pages spell the names of the production staff this way:

Tasaki Ryuuta spelled as Tasaki Ryuta
Nakazawa Shoujirou spelled as Nakazawa Shojiro
Shirakura Shinichirou spelled as Shirakura Shinichiro
Maihara Kenzou spelled as Maihara Kenzo

How would you translate these two 巨大魔強化身長 and 巨大魔強化体重 as?

Please translate these too: 時間改変 (Another Zi-O II), 格闘 (Another W), and 火球/飛行 (Another Kuuga).