Ultraman Dyna 46

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Episode 46
The Power of My Feelings for You
Ultraman Dyna episode
Writer Migita Masakazu
Director Harada Masaki
Tokusatsu Director Harada Masaki
Original air date July 25, 1998 (1998-07-25)
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Ultraman Dyna
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Important things that happened[edit]

Kaiju Appeared in this episode[edit]

Guest Stars[edit]

  • Hirao Teruhisa - Migita Masakazu ヒラオ・テルヒサ - 右田昌万
  • Yumimura Ryou (Child) - Okamura Eri ユミムラ・リョウ(少女時代) - 岡村英梨
  • Drunk - 二家本辰巳 酔っ払い - 二家本辰巳
  • Genta - 二見史龍 ゲンタ - 二見史龍
  • Avec - 今泉吉孝、今泉敦子 アベック - 今泉吉孝、今泉敦子


Song Used[edit]


  • The book young Yumimura buys is by Miyazawa Kenji, a famous Japanese poet.
  • Up to the point of the reveal that the mysterious girl/boy are young Yumimura and Hirao, the younger versions in the flashback are either in distant shots, or has Hisao covering his face, or Yumimura will be positioned so her face is outside the camera shot.

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