Tokusatsu GAGAGA 03

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Episode 03
Additional Member
Tokusatsu GAGAGA episode
Writer Tanbe Shigenori
Director Suenaga Sou
Action Director Ogura Toshihiro
Original air date February 1, 2019 (2019-02-01)
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Fan Rating 4.57 / 5
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Tokusatsu GAGAGA
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Important things that happened[edit]



Theme Song


  • No CMs because NHK is a publicly funded station.


  • Nakamura wears a lucha libre mask to sleep. There are some similarities between wrestling and tokusatsu.
  • The cop is played by Ishida Takumi who is the comedic partner of Takeuchi Manabu who plays Ninkyou-san. Their comedy duo name is KAMINARI.
  • Yoshida mentions a girl at Nakamura's workplace who's a fan of fictional actor Taifuu Ryouta (泰風良太). While Ryouta is a real name, Taifuu is a homonym with the Japanese word for "typhoon".
  • Charahiko invites Nakamura to a drinking part on September 13 (since the party is the next day on the 14th). So the events of this episode are about a month after the previous one.
  • Damien wears a pilot suit in his fantasy. This makes him look like one of the pilots from the Ultraman series.
  • When at the drinking party, Nakamura calls Yoshida who's eating at a rotating sushi place. Salmon is used in a couple themes here.
    • First, Yuki is the salmon that Nakamura's metaphorical bear is trying to catch.
    • Second, Nakamura is a budding otaku, so they're having ikura (salmon roe) at her place. Meanwhile, Yoshida is an older otaku who's transitioning out of the fandom, so they're having a salmon party at her restaurant, and she gets the last salmon.


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