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ヴァグラス Probably a portmanteau of Bug and Virus

The villains group in Go-Busters.


Voiced by Sasaki Seiji

An evolving virus. Has the ability to infect man-made objects, absorbing them into himself. Smaller versions of Messiah, Meta Viruses, are used to change animate objects into Metaroids.

Was born in the Transport Research Center on Christmas NC 1999, but was transported into the Subdimension to keep him from infecting the world.

Played by Jinnai Syo

Messiah's avatar in the human's world.

Played by Misaki Ayame

Another of Messiah's avatars.

Buglars バクラー

The expendable grunts. Enter creates them by swiping his card on his machine.

Metaroids メタロイド

The monster of the week.

Giant Robo Megazords 巨大ロボメガゾード
The creators 創造する者たち

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