Shougeki Gouraigan 13

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Episode 13
The First and Last Time
Shougeki Gouraigan episode
Writer Inoue Toshiki
Director Amemiya Keita
Original air date December 28, 2013 (2013-12-28)
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Shougeki Gouraigan
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Important things that happened[edit]

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Guest Stars[edit]

  • The Garigari popsicle Magii - Takahashi Takuro Uncredited - 高橋卓郎
  • Shinkai King - Terry Itou 真界皇 - テリー伊藤


  • Rin - Miyaji Mao リン - 宮地真緒
  • Navi - Hoshino Akari ナヴィ - 星野あかり
  • Granny - Asaoka Megumi おばあちゃん - 麻丘めぐみ
  • Wakabayashi Shinji - Wakamatsu Toshihide 若林シンジ - 若松俊秀
  • Kanzaki Rurika - Dan Mitsu 神崎ルリカ - 壇蜜
  • Morita Ryouko - Andou Haruka 森田リョーコ - 安藤 遥
  • Tachibana Akiko - Rio 橘アキコ - Rio
  • Surfer Jane - Kawamura Rika サーファージェーン - 川村りか
  • Homeless Yamashita - Suwa Tarou ホームレス山下 - 諏訪太朗
  • Asaoka Mirei Mama - Asaoka Mirei アサオカミレイママ - 朝岡実
  • Bun girl (Asaoka Mirei's friend) - Ishiwatari Asami Uncredited - 石渡麻美
  • Yumi-san - Yoshino Yumi ゆみさん - 芳野友美平



  • In the background of the party, Yamashita can be heard yelling "It's the last episode!"
  • Hitomi remarks one last time that this is a true Japanese summer, a motif throughout the whole series. Despite the series airing during the middle of winter.
  • The robot name is another example of Amemiya's puns. Choujin 兆人 means Trillion Man, but usually is written 超人 which means Super Man.
  • The Magii finally gets to eat a Garigari-kun popsicle.
  • The visual images seem inspired by other big Japanese tokusatsu series. The Shinkai King's kaiju form looks like Godzilla. The giant mecha piloted by five heroes wearing the same outfit seems to be a spoof on the Super Sentai series.


Four character idioms. In addition to each episode title being a yojijukugo, they also make appearances within the show itself.

  • Kuuzen Zetsugou (空前絶後) - (So marvelous or horrible that it may be) the first and probably the last

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