Power of Darkness (Agito)

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A man of many names, he is at times known as The Power of Darkness 闇の力, Overlord オーヴァロード or, The Young Man in Black.

He serves as the main antagonist in Kamen Rider Agito.

Played by: Haneo Ray 羽緒レイ


Born from a DNA model found in an ancient device. His growth from baby to adulthood was rapid.

Character Actions[edit]

He considers humans to be his children and, he leaves the killing to his followers, the Unknown. The one time that he did however kill a human, he felt wracked with guilt and couldn't bear it, locking himself away in retribution.

Feelings towards Humans[edit]

He's not antagonistic towards all humans. He cared for Gills the one time he found him. He also has talks with Sawaki Tetsuya, who he calls his "emissary".