Over "Quartzer"

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The theme song for Kamen Rider Zi-O

Singers - Sueyoshi Shuta feat. ISSA
Lyrics - Sueyoshi Shuta、Mizoguchi Takaki
Composer - MiNEShimada Atsushi
Arranger - Shimada Atsushi


Karaoke Translation

Over "Quartzer"

Oh yeah
Isshun de tsukami-toru no sa Are you ready?
Are you ready
Atarashii rekishi wa soko ni Feel it! Feel it!
Crazy baby
Hikari wo kate ni kasoku shite
Kono mama Shout it out! Shout it out!
Ima wo susumeyou
Madou hi mo ikudotonaku asu no tobira tatake
Mitsumeta sono saki ni tobikonde mitara Believe yourself!!
Now, Over "Quartzer"
Toki no ame suri-nukete tomo ni
You, Over "Quartzer"
Mirai wo koeyou
Kako no ishi wa uso de wa azamukenai
Kanjiro sou Nexus Future
Now, Over "Quartzer"
Mabayui sekai

Over "Quartzer"

Oh yeah
Catch it in an instant! Are you ready?
(Are you ready)
That's where the new history is! Feel it! Feel it!
(Crazy baby)
Use your bonds of light to accelerate
Just keep at it! Shout it out! Shout it out!
Let's keep going in the present
There will be confusing days, but knock on the door to tomorrow
Just plunge into what's ahead of you! Believe yourself!!
Now, Over "Quartzer"
Let's slip through the torrents of time together
You, Over "Quartzer"
Let's cross over to the future
Lies can not fool the will of the past
Feel it in your bones! The Nexus Future
Now, Over "Quartzer"
That dazzling world...
Enchant me


Japanese Lyrics

Oh yeah
一瞬で掴み取るのさ Are you ready? (Are you ready?)
新しい歴史はそこに Feel it! Feel it! (Crazy crazy)
このまま Shout it out! Shout it out!
惑う日も 幾度となく 明日の扉叩け
見つめたその先に飛び込んで みたら
Believe yourself!!
Now, Over "Quartzer"
時の雨 擦り抜けて 共に
You, Over "Quartzer"
過去の意志は 嘘では欺けない
感じろ そう Nexus Future
Now, Over "Quartzer"


  • The term "quartzer" is probably a reference to the use of quartz crystals in electric clocks. The quartz crystal acts to regulate and maintain the frequency in the clock.