Kurage Hime 04

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Episode 04
Kurage Hime
Kurage Hime (TV Drama) episode
Writer Tokunaga Youichi
Director Yamauchi Daisuke
Original air date February 5, 2018 (2018-02-05)
Viewership 7.5%
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Fan Rating 4.5 / 5
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Kurage Hime 03
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Kurage Hime
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Important things that happened[edit]



  • Kiriyama Kotone - Mogami Moga 桐山 琴音 - 最上もが
  • Kotone's friend - Issou Maki 琴音の友人 - 一双麻希
  • Model leader - Beverly モデルリーダー - Beverly
  • Artist - Itohara Minami アーティスト - 糸原美波


Go Sign wa 1 Coin by Cafelatte Funsui Koen
A New Day by Beverly
All I Want by Beverly



  • The lead model is played by Beverly who sings the series' theme song. She plays herself since one of the staff members announces her as Beverly-san.
  • One of the commercials that plays during this episode has Izumi Rika who plays Inari in the show.
  • Hanamori sends Inari a virgin killing sweater that was popularized on the Internet in 2017.
  • When Kuranosuke claims to have been raised as a boy despite being born a girl, Chieko references Oscar from the anime series "Rose of Versailles".
  • Kuranosuke mentions TPO at one point, it's an abbreviation for "time, place, and occasion".

Differences From the Manga[edit]

  • In the manga, Kuranosuke walks in on his father announcing that he's a boy to Chieko and Jiji-sama. In the drama, they learn this fact, then confront him later in a restaurant.
  • Because Kuranosuke is the first-born in the drama, it makes more sense for why Keiichirou took him from his mother, since he'd be concerned with his lineage and continuing on his family tradition of being politicians.
  • In the manga, Shuu thinking Inari was going to kill herself started with him misconstruing the situation and then her taking advantage of the situation to turn it into a prank. In the drama, it was her intention to prank him from the beginning in order to gain his attention.
  • In the manga, the music video shoot is actually a play.
    • The music video only has 10 background dancers, the play was called 25 Ophelias, so a lot more dresses had to be made. As a consequence, some of the dresses were made shoddily in the manga, and ended up falling apart on stage.
    • The Ama~s end up seeing the play and receiving compliments from the girl who dissed them in the club previously, but this is before the Ama~s create the dresses for the actors.
    • Hanamori ends up bringing the materials in the manga, but he can't in the drama because he drove Shuu and Inari to the beach.


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