Houjou Tooru

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北條 透

A character on Kamen Rider Agito.

Played by Yamasaki Jun


A detective on the police force. He's self-assured and arrogant, but also has a strong sense of justice. He has a strong sense of right, which can lead to trouble for anything that strays from his ideals.

He often clashes with Ozawa Sumiko and the rest of the Project G3 team. Part of this stems from his ambition. The rest of it stems on his belief that he can do a better job with dealing with the horrifying threat of the Unknown.


Ozawa Sumiko[edit]

While he secretly admires Ozawa's intelligence, he also finds her brash and free-spirited attitude baffling. Their conversations almost always end up in a battle of wits where they try to one-up the other. And while Houjou has no problem putting on a face of cordiality, Ozawa makes no attempt to hide her disgust with this man.

Hikawa Makoto[edit]

He sees Makoto as a rival. Even good-natured Hikawa Makoto finds Houjou exasperating at times.

Tsukasa Ryuuji[edit]

His former partner. Houjou feels that everything he learned about being a good cop came from Tsukasa.

Houjou owes his life to Tsukasa. Not only did Tsukasa take a bullet for Houjou, Tsukasa's sister was murdered while he was hospitalized. This has led to Houjou feeling tremendously guilty when dealing with his former friend.


  • Houjou's actor, Yamasaki Jun, comes back to the Rider series by being a regular on Faiz.