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Played by Matsumoto Hiroyuki 松本博之

The Greeed that represents massive animals and gravity in Kamen Rider OOO.


Gamel is the massive animal Greeed and was created 800 years ago. He was sealed along with the other Greeeds until 800 years later where he was reawaken. Gamel was manipulated by Kazari to be the test subject for a Greeed being the container for all Core Medals by using his attachment to Mezool. He managed to achieve full revival even though he didn't get all nine of his Core Medals but it was unstable. He was absorbed by Mezool and eventually lost his body when the Mega Greeed was defeated. Uva revives Gamel much later along with Mezool. He joined up with Kazari and Lost Ankh since Mezool did. Once again, Gamel is manipulated by Kazari to help him get all of his Core Medals by using Mezool. He gets all of his Core Medals from Ankh and fully revives along with Mezool. After achieving full revival, Mezool abandons Gamel which he goes around the city trying to find her. Gamel finds Mezool only as her Core Medal shatters after fighting OOO. He picks up her Core Medals which Maki tries to collect them instead. Gamel attacks Maki which he managed to crack two of his Core Medals. He tries to resurrect Mezool but unable to do so because the Core Medal containing her essence was gone. Gamel eventually dies from a combined point-blank range Breast Cannon attack from both Births. He imagines giving a candy flower to Mezool before dying.


Gamel is a man-child. His human form is a young man wearing a gray mesh shirt and pants. He eats candy constantly even though Greeeds have no sense of taste and usually says its delicious. He has an attachment to Mezool who treats him like a son and even gives her candy which she just throws aside. This attachment makes him easy to manipulate by Kazari.


Gamel is the physically strongest Greeed and can manipulate gravity. He can also use his trunk on his face as a weapon. In his fully revived form, he can convert anything into Cell Medals with a touch. Gamel doesn't use a human to create his Yummy which he uses himself to create them. The Yummy are fully grown but only give one Cell Medal when defeated.


  • Gamel's name comes from the Japanese word gameru which means to pilfer and refers to how Gamel uses other people's desires to create his own Yummy from himself.