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Sen-chan センちゃん is the third member of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger.

Real name: Enari Sen'ichi 江成仙一 (Sen-chan)

Actor: Ito Yosuke (伊藤 陽佑)


The quiet and reserved member of the team. Sen is a very powerful thinker. At critical times, he will do a handstand, which the narrator informs the viewer as being "Sen's thinking pose". While he is often quiet and reserved, Sen can act very scary when he's really enraged.

Because of a trauma experienced as a child, Sen is claustrophobic and allows his fear to take over when enclosed as shown in episode 41. It was also revealed that because he was saved by a policeman when he was trapped in a well as a child, Sen became inspired to become a policeman himself.

Is one of seven siblings. It was also revealed that his family was poor as well.

Umeko eventually falls in love with him after Sen protected her from a swindler Alienizer who was trying to kill Umeko for her pure heart. Sen apparently also shows to have feelings for Umeko in return, although he doesn't fully show it in the series. In MagiRanger versus DekaRanger we see Umeko waiting for a date with Sen in a restaurant.

DekaGreen [edit]

デカグリーン His main weapon is the "D-Blaster", which is also a sniping weapon similar to Houji's.


  • Family name comes from Erari, the Japanese pronunciation of mystery author Ellery Queen's name (エラリー・クイーン).
  • Given name from Sen Tea (煎茶).
  • The Sen in his name means "hermit".
  • His actor, Itou Yousuke, would eventually make a brief appearence in an episode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger, in which he portrays GoseiGreen, the deceased partner of GoseiBlue.