Daimonji Shun

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大文字 隼 A character on Kamen Rider Fourze.

Played by: Justin Tomimori


Daimonji Shun is a graduate of Ama High and coach of the Kamen Rider Club. He was the former captain of the American Football team at Ama High along with being the main user of Powerdizer. When the series began, he was the king of Ama High because his status on the football and also dating the head cheerleader, Miu. Shun uses his status to beat respect into Gentarou when he acts against the status quo. He was directly responsible for Miura becoming the Orion Zodiarts due to his father's influence on him. After Shun was forced to do detention after hitting a fellow member of the football club, he tries to get Gentarou in line since he kept leaving due to the Hound Zodiarts. Eventually Gentarou manages to help Shun to become his own man which he returns the favor by operating Powerdizer to keep Scorpion off of Fourze so he could defeat the Hound Zodiarts.

Even though Shun and Miu have not been a couple for a long time, Shun still has feelings for Miu and wanted to ask her out to prom. But he finds out that Miu wanted to ask Gentarou to prom instead and even punched Gentarou for convincing Miu to go to prom with Shun instead. During prom, Shun realizes that the Kamen Rider Club have been secretly protecting prom which he couldn't stand by and do nothing. After helping to defeat the Coma Zodiarts, he gets Gentarou to dance with Miu because he wanted to make Miu happy even at the cost of his own. He graduates Ama High but still with the Kamen Rider Club as their coach and main operator of the Powerdizer.

Shun quits the Kamen Rider Club after his life was threatened by Virgo and worry about his family as well. He rejoins after realizing that he wants to protect Gentarou and Miu.


Shun started off a stereotypical jock but actually it was a facade. His father was responsible behind the mentality that Shun has towards people below them. An example of this was Shun's treatment of Miura who had to use a Zodiarts Switch to get back at Shun. He also dump Miu after Tamae released the video of her trashing the gifts that her fans sent her. He tried to get back together with her but she prefer hanging out with the Kamen Rider Club. Eventually Gentarou manages to convince Shun that he wanted to know the real him and be his friend which Shun confesses that his father didn't care about his happiness or what he wanted to do.

After joining the Kamen Rider Club, Shun has become more humble and tries to atone his past actions. He doesn't like the old him and feels uncomfortable when seeing people acting like the old him. He even apologize to Miura for what he has done. Shun still has feelings for Miu but he realizes that she doesn't see him in that way and prefers Gentarou instead.

One of the quirks about Shun is that he salutes quite often and makes a sound when he does it.


  • The name Daimonji Shun (大文字 隼) is a tribute to Kamen Rider Nigou, Ichimonji Hayato (一文字 隼人). You combine the first and last kanji, "一" and "人" to get the "dai" (大) character."