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Minusaur Complete Form[edit]

Minusaur Complete Form.jpg

Type: Dragonlike Monster
Classification: Complete Form
Height: 51.5m
Weight: 771.8t
Distribution: Illusory Village
EXP: None

TV Asahi site

Unicorn Minusaur[edit]

Unicorn Minusaur.jpg

Type: Beast Monster
Classification: Fencing Type Unicorn Category
Height: 186cm~45.6m
Weight: 279kg~683.6t
Distribution: Swordsman Spire
EXP: 249

TV Asahi site

Medusa Minusaur[edit]

Medusa Minusaur.jpg

Type: Hybrid Monster
Classification: Video-streaming Type Medusa Category
Height: 183cm~44.8m
Weight: 275kg~673.8t
Distribution: Petrified City
EXP: 304

TV Asahi site

Kraken Minusaur[edit]

Kraken Minusaur.jpg

Type: Marine Monster
Classification: Water Gun Type Kraken Category
Height: 188cm~46.1m
Weight: 282kg~690.9t
Distribution: Fountain of Sleep
EXP: 103

TV Asahi site

Kerberos Minusaur[edit]

Kerberos Minusaur.jpg

Type: Beast Monster
Classification: Poison Type Kerberos Category
Height: 181cm
Weight: 272kg
Distribution: Poison Fountain
EXP: 109

TV Asahi site

Kerberos Minusaur (Older Brother)[edit]

Kerberos Minusaur (Older Brother).jpg

Type: Beast Monster
Classification: Poison Type Kerberos Category
Height: 181cm~44.3m
Weight: 272kg~666.4t
Distribution: Poison Fountain
EXP: 259

TV Asahi site



Type: Rook-level Commander
Classification: Druidon Tribe
Height: 199cm (Giant size: 48.8m)
Weight: 299kg (Giant size: 732.6t)
Distribution: Shaking ground
EXP: 609

TV Asahi Site

Cockatrice Minusaur[edit]

Cockatrice Minusaur.jpg

Type: Bird Monster
Classification: High-frequency Type Cockatrice Category
Height: 184cm~45.1m
Weight: 276kg~676.2t
Distribution: Exciting amusement park rides
EXP: 309

TV Asahi site

Mimic Minusaur[edit]

Mimic Minusaur.jpg

Type: Inanimate Object Monster
Classification: Treasure Type Mimic Category
Height: 60cm
Weight: 200kg
Distribution: Greed Maze
EXP: 339

TV Asahi site

Troll Minusaur[edit]

Troll Minusaur.jpg

Type: Giant-type Monster
Classification: Counter Type Troll Category
Height: 189cm~46.3m
Weight: 284kg~695.8t
Distribution: Factory full of mechanisms
EXP: 848

TV Asahi site

Shen Minusaur[edit]

Shen Minusaur.jpg

Type: Marine Monster
Classification: Screen Type Shen Category
Height: 186cm~45.6m
Distribution: A multi-story mist building
EXP: 496

TV Asahi site

Mummy Minusaur[edit]

Mummy Minusaur.jpg

Type: Undead Monster
Classification: Crystal Type Mummy Category (Self-created)
Height: 188cm~46.1m
Weight: 285kg~698.3t
Distribution: Hall of Truth
EXP: 305

TV Asahi site

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