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A complete listing of Super Sentai Rangers.

  • Names denoted by an asterisk (*) means they are not main or official Rangers. Scroll to the right for more information.
Team Name Red Blue Yellow Green/Lime Pink Black White Silver Gold Crimson/2nd Red Orange Navy Violet Cyan Gray Notes
GoRanger AkaRanger AoRanger KiRanger Midoranger MomoRanger
J.A.K.Q. Spade Ace Dia Jack Clover King Heart Queen Big One
Battle Fever J Battle Japan Battle France Miss America Battle Kenya Battle Cossack
Denjiman DenjiRed DenjiBlue DenjiYellow DenjiGreen DenjiPink
Sun Vulcan VulEagle VulShark VulPanther
Goggle V Goggle Red Goggle Blue Goggle Yellow Goggle Pink Goggle Black
Dynaman DynaRed DynaBlue DynaYellow DynaPink DynaBlack
Bioman Red One Blue Three Yellow Four Green Two Pink Five Magne Warrior* *One Episode Only
Changeman Change Dragon Change Pegasus Change Phoenix Change Gryphon Change Mermaid
Flashman Red Flash Blue Flash Yellow Flash Green Flash Pink Flash
Maskman Red Mask Blue Mask Yellow Mask X-1 Mask* Pink Mask Black Mask *One Episode Only
Liveman Red Falcon Blue Dolphin Yellow Lion Green Sai Black Bison
TurboRanger Red Turbo Blue Turbo Yellow Turbo Pink Turbo Black Turbo
Fiveman Five Red Five Blue Five Yellow Five Pink Five Black
Jetman Red Hawk Blue Swallow Yellow Owl Green Eagle* Black Condor White Swan *Epilogue Only
ZyuRanger TyrannoRanger TriceraRanger TigerRanger DragonRanger PteraRanger MammothRanger
DaiRanger RyuuRanger TenmaRanger KirinRanger ShishiRanger HououRanger KibaRanger
Kakuranger Ninja Red Ninja Blue Ninja Yellow Ninja Black Ninja White Ninjaman
OhRanger Oh-Red Oh-Blue Oh-Yellow Oh-Green Oh-Pink KingRanger
CarRanger Red Racer Blue Racer Yellow Racer Green Racer Pink Racer VRV Master White Racer* Signalman *Handmade Suit
MegaRanger MegaRed MegaBlue MegaYellow MegaPink MegaBlack MegaSilver
Gingaman GingaRed GingaBlue GingaYellow GingaGreen GingaPink Bull Black
GoGo V GoRed GoBlue GoYellow GoGreen GoPink Beast-Demon Hunter Sieg* *Only appears in the movie
TimeRanger TimeRed TimeBlue TimeYellow TimeGreen TimePink TimeFire
GaoRanger GaoRed GaoBlue GaoYellow GaoBlack GaoWhite GaoSilver
Hurricaneger HurricaneRed HurricaneBlue HurricaneYellow Shurikenger HurricaneDark Kabuto Raiger Kuwaga Raiger
Abaranger Abared AbareBlue AbareYellow AbarePink* AbareBlack AbareKiller *Handmade Suit
DekaRanger DekaRed DekaBlue DekaYellow DekaGreen DekaPink DekaMaster DekaBreak DekaBright DekaGold DekaSwan
MagiRanger MagiRed MagiBlue MagiYellow MagiGreen MagiPink MagiMother MagiShine Wolzard Fire
Boukenger BoukenRed BoukenBlue BoukenYellow BoukenPink BoukenBlack BoukenSilver Zuuban
GekiRanger GekiRed GekiBlue GekiYellow Mele Rio GekiChopper GekiViolet
Go-Onger Go-On Red Go-On Blue Go-On Yellow Go-On Green Go-On Black Go-On Silver Go-On Gold
Shinkenger ShinkenRed, ShinkenRed (Princess) ShinkenBlue ShinkenYellow ShinkenGreen ShinkenPink ShinkenGold ShinkenBrown (Handmade)
Goseiger GoseiRed GoseiBlue GoseiYellow GoseiGreen* GoseiPink GoseiBlack GoseiKnight *The Past Goseiger
Gokaiger GokaiRed GokaiBlue GokaiYellow GokaiGreen GokaiPink GokaiSilver
Go-Busters Red Buster Red Cheetah* Blue Buster Blue Gorilla* Yellow Buster Yellow Rabbit* Green Hippopotamus* Pink Buster** Pink Cat* Black Puma* Stag Buster/ Silver Stag Beet Buster Gold Beet* Dark Buster*** *Alternate Dimension
**Handmade Suit
***Enemy Ranger
AkibaRanger AkibaRed AkibaBlue AkibaYellow
Kyouryuuger KyouryuuRed KyouryuuBlue KyouryuuGreen KyouryuuPink KyouryuuBlack KyouryuuSilver KyouryuuGold Deathryuuger* KyouryuuViolet KyouryuuCyan KyouryuuGray *Enemy Ranger
Toqger TOQ 1 TOQ 2 TOQ 3 TOQ 4 TOQ 5 Dark TOQ 1* TOQ Rainbow** TOQ 6 TOQ 7 *Shadow transformation
**Ultimate transformation
Ninninger Akaninger Aoninger Kininger Midoninger Momoninger Shironinger Starninger
Jyuohger JyuohEagle JyuohShark JyuohLion JyuohElephant Jyuoh TheWorld* ** JyuohTiger JyuohBird *Tri-color **Not DIO
KyuuRanger ShishiRed OokamiBlue KajikiYellow ChamaeleonGreen WashiPink OushiBlack HebitsukaiSilver TenbinGold Houou Soldier SasoriOrange RyuuCommander KogumaSkyBlue
Lupin vs Pat LupinRed LupinBlue LupinYellow PatRan 2 PatRan 3 Lupin X* PatRan X* PatRan 1 *Same Person
Ryusoulger Ryusoul Red Ryusoul Blue Ryusoul Green Ryusoul Pink Ryusoul Black Ryusoul Gold